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Candle culture is a South African homebased candle making company owned & operated by Caron Boyle, based in Johannesburg, Gauteng.


Specializing in a variety of luxury hand-poured candles using a natural blend of coco soy wax & wood wicks poured in custom concrete vessels that have been lovingly hand crafted... defined by quality and craftmanship.

Creating a luxury candle is a multi-faceted journey, fragrance, wax, wick, and container together all play a part in creating a luxury candle experience.

Fragrance of course being the most important part of the candle. Inspiration for my fragrance collection comes from an array of nostalgic moments that come from different places & experiences, which in turn create a warm, cozy, aromatic, uniquely memorable burning experience inspired by these nostalgic moments!

In selecting a premier wax for my candle selection, I chose a premium quality that has a gorgeous creamy soy appearance, is non-toxic, burns clean & evenly, resulting in a smooth highly refined candle that incorporates a precise blend of coconut & soy which forms the key to craftmanship of a quality candle. This high-quality wax helps to house the fragrance blend and allows the scent to burn beautifully throughout your environment.

In wanting my candles & accessories to provide a multi-sensory experience, scent plays such an important part in our memories, like the smell of baking reminds me of my great-granny & a wood-burning fireplace reminds me of warm, cozy evenings with friends or family enjoying good food & wine while conversation is plenty.

With our handmade vessels & hand poured candles each is unique in its own way, but the quality is consistently the same.

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